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Nothing is better than DayZ Standalone alpha.
We a looking to create a community for everyone who wants to play alpha versions of DayZ Standalone.

This website provides instructions to install the first DayZ standalone public Steam release from 16th of December 2013.

NOTE: We do not support piracy, only download if you OWN DayZ Standalone on Steam. We do not host DayZ on this website, we only provide publicly available links.

DepotDownloader Instructions for 0.28

Download DepotDownloader here:

1. Run DepotDownloader with following launch options:
"-app 221100 -depot 221101 -manifest 1241293315128244831"
2. Patch game with your favourite steam emulator.
3. Launch game using DayZ.exe and remote connect to server.

Alternate Instructions

0.28 Server Files:

Download complete package here:

1. Download DayZ_028.rar
2. Extract with your fave archiver utility.
3. Run Launcher.exe to play game and launch server.